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Animal biology



Morphology of a crayfish: edible freshwater crustacean, with pincers on the two forelegs.
Claw: ends of the largest of a crayfish limbs.
Rostrum: extension of a crayfish's shell.
Head: foremost part of a crayfish.
Thorax: upper part of a crayfish's body.
Abdomen: lower part of a crayfish's body.
Exopodite: external part of the uropod.
Endopodite: internal part of the uropod.
Uropod: swimming appendage of the crayfish.
Telson: last segment of the abdomen of a crayfish.
Segment: ring of the abdomen of a crayfish.
Walking leg: limb of a crayfish used for forward motion.
Coumpond eye (stalked eye): complex sight organ of a crayfish.
Antennule: small antenna.
Cheliped: front leg which ends in pincers.
Antenna: organ of touch of a crayfish.

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