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Human body

Skull (posterior view)


Skull (posterior view): bony case of the brain of vertebrates.
Parietal foramen: cavities of the parietal bone near the sagittal suture.
Sagittal suture: seam joining the two parietal bones.
External occipital protuberance: bump on the external surface of the occipital bone.
Mandible: bony lower part of the jaw.
Mastoid process: bony outgrowth of the base of the skull.
External occipital crest: serrated outgrowth of the occipital bone, crossing it from top to bottom.
Occipital: bone forming the lower back part of the skull.
Lambdoid suture: seam between the occipital bone and the parietals.
Parietal bone: bones forming the sides and top of the skull.

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