Topographical section of a marsh: muddy and damp place, with its own distinc flora.
Poplar: tree that grows in damp areas.
Willow: shrub that lives close to water.
Leatherleaf: huckleberries or false blueberries of the Ericareae family.
Carex: plant of damp areas.
Peat bog: bog where peat forms.
Earth bank: elevation of the ground.
Marsh: Low-lying area in which stagnant water collects.
Lake: large expanse of water on the interior of a land mass.
Nenuphar: aquatic plant.
Potamogeton: plant whose leaves float on the surface of calm fresh water.
Club rush: plant that lives at water's edge.
Sagittaria: plant that lives in calm fresh water.
Bulrush: reedlike plant, with a spike at the end of a long stem.
Calamagrostis: large, hardy perennial.

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EN : Fungus - mushrooms
FR : Mycota - mycètes
ES : Fungi - hongos

          - mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting bodies of fungi typically produced above ground on soil or on their food sources. Mushroom can also designate the entire fungus when in culture or when referring to the whole thallus (called a mycelium) of species forming fruitbodies called mushrooms.