Cut stones

Cut stones
Cut stones: rare natural stones, mineral or organic, cut and polished to enhance their fire.
Emerald cut: cut with degrees, square or rectangular, with cut angles.
French cut: brilliant cut known as modern, whose table is of big dimension.
Oval cut: oval brilliant cut comprising 55 facets.
Marquise cut: oval cut whose two ends are pointed and comprising 55 facets.
Brilliant cut: round cut which the higher part is made of the table and 32 facets and the lower part is made of 24 facets and the culet.
Rose cut: cut of pyramidal form having a flat base.
Scissors cut: rectangular cut whose 4 sides include several facets.
Triangle cut: three sides cut which can be right or round-offs.
Free cut: non-traditional cut.
Baguette cut: long and narrow rectangle cut whose table is flat.
Drop cut: cut whose end is round, the other one pointed and the sides are right.
Pear cut or drop: oval cut which one of the ends is pointed.
8 facets cut: cut which the higher part includes the table and 8 facets and the lower part includes 8 facets.
Cabochon cut: the lower part is flat and the higher part is bent.
Table cut: cut whose surface is flat.
Step cut: cut comprising degrees as well as facets on four sides and whose angles can be cut or sharp.

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