Leather goods

Leather goods
Leather goods (1 of 4): objects made of leather.
Document suitcase: small suitcase used to transport documents.
Safety lock: mechanism allowing keeping an object closed and locked.
Storage kit: case used to store small objects.
Sorter: envelope for documents.
Shell: external part of the suitcase.
Handle: accessory used for an object handling.
Press-catch: mechanism allowing keeping an object closed.
Briefcase: document case.
Flat document case: flat envelope made of leather used to transport documents.
Document case with gusset: leather envelope provided with a pleated bottom allowing it to expand.

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EN : Space suit
FR : Combinaison spatiale
ES : Traje espacial


A space suit is a complete system of garments, equipment and environmental systems designed to keep a person alive and comfortable in the harsh environment of outer space. This applies to extra-vehicular activity outside spacecraft orbiting Earth.