Hair follicle

Hair follicle
Hair follicle: sac-like anatomical structure from which hair grows.
Sebaceous gland: gland that secretes sebum, which lubricates the skin and hair.
Arrector pili muscle: muscle that elevates the hair.
Root of hair: part of the hair implanted in the dermis.
Papilla: part of the hair connected to the conjunctival tissue.
Inner root sheath: sheath formed of several layers of cells.
Connective tissue sheath: girdle enclosing the epithelial sheath and connecting to the conjunctival tissue.
Epidermis: outer layer of the skin.
Hair shaft: a filament that grows from the skin.

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EN : Human skin
FR : Peau humaine
ES : Piel humana


Humain skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system made up of multiple layers of epithelial tissues that guard underlying muscles and organs. As the interface with the surroundings, skin plays the most important role in protecting.