Lacrymal apparatus

Lacrymal apparatus
Lacrimal apparatus: set of organs producing the tears.
Lacrimal gland: part of the tear gland inside the orbit.
Palpebral ligament: set of connective fibres on the side of the eyelids.
Lacrimal caruncle: minute orifices related to tears.
Nasal cacity: fossa of the nose.
Inferior nasal concha: bony layer rolled onto itself in the lower part of the nasal cavity.
Nasolacrimal duct: tube carrying tears to the nasal fossae.
Lacrimal sac: pocket related to the tears.
Lacrimal canal: tear ducts.

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Eyes are organs of vision that detect light. Different kinds of light-sensitive organs are found in a variety of organisms. The simplest eyes do nothing but detect whether the surroundings are light or dark. The visual fields of some such complex eyes largely overlap, to allow better depth perception, binocular vision, as in humans.