Drum set

Drum set
Drum set: percussion instrument composed of a set of drums and cymbals.
Ride cymbal: circular brass plate producing treble sounds.
Snare drum: drum producing a sharp rattling sound.
Lug: enable to adjust the membrane of the drum to a desired tension.
Bass drum: the biggest drum of the set, it produces a deep low sound.
Percussion sticks: instruments used to hit the drums and cymbals to produce different sounds.
Tripod stand: three-legged support.
Rack toms: pair of drums.
High-hat cymbals: pair of cymbals which produce a sound when operating a pedal that makes the upper cymbal hits the lower cymbal. The pedal also allows to modify a sound when the upper cymbal is hit with a percussion stick.
Tension post: screw used to adjust the length of a sound.