Airport: set of facilities for the air traffic of a city.
Runway: airstrip used by planes taking off.
Boarding walkway: place used for embarking and disembarking passengers.
Passenger terminal: building reserved for air travelers.
Taxiway: place where vehicles can circulate.
Parking area: place reserved for vehicle not in use.
Telescopic corridor: narrow, collapsible passageway.
Taxiway exit: passage used by aircraft to leave the landing strip.

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EN : Air traffic control (ATC)
FR : Contrôle du trafic aérien
ES : Control del tráfico aéreo

          traffic control (ATC)

Air traffic control is a service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and in the air. A controller's primary task is to separate certain aircraft to prevent them from coming too close to each other by use of lateral, vertical and longitudinal separation. Secondary tasks include ensuring safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic and providing information to pilots, such as weather, navigation information and notices to airmen.