An intersection

An intersection
An intersection: the crossing of several roads or traffic lanes.
Street lamp: lighting apparatus, mounted on supports, that illuminates a public road.
Traffic lights: light signals that direct traffic.
Building: important building divided into apartments or offices.
Drain: opening that carries away rainwater.
Sidewalk: raised passage on the side of the road for pedestrian traffic.
Boulevard: large, important street usually planted with trees.
Traffic island: spot usually in the middle of the roadway where pedestrians are protected from the flow of traffic.
Crosswalk: path pedestrians must use to cross a road.
Bus stop: sign panel that designates a space reserved for buses and for embarking or disembarking passengers.
Bus: large vehicle used for public transport.
Water hydrant: marker and water outlet.
Avenue: large urban street usually lined with streets but less important than a boulevard.

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EN : Dump truck
FR : Camion de décharge
ES : Camión bañera


A dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose material, such as sand, gravel, or dirt, for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery. Dump trucks come in a variety of configurations each specified to accomplish a specific task in the construction material supply chain.