Automobile spark plug

Automobile spark plug
Automobile spark plug: electric part generating sparks to ignite an internal combustion engine.
Ceramic insulator: pottery support for the parts that conduct electricity.
Terminal: place where a current-conducting wire is attached.
Spline: hollow channel.
Resistance: device that controls the strength of the current.
Ground electrode: current device that unites the electrodes.
Spark plug gap: space separating the current conductors.
Center electrode: central current conductor.
Gasket: spot where two part join together.
Spark plug body: metal part of the spark plug.
Hex nut: hexagonal piece of metal used to screw in a spark plug.

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A bell is a simple sound-making device. The bell is a percussion instrument and an idiophone. Its form is usually an open-ended hollow drum which resonates upon being struck. The striking implement can be a tongue suspended within the bell, known as a clapper, a small, free sphere enclosed within the body of the bell, or a separate mallet. Bells are usually made of cast metal, but small bells can also be made from ceramic or glass. Bells can be of all sizes: from tiny dress accessories to church bells weighing many tons.