Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon
Hot air balloon: balloon inflated with and lifted by hot air.
Netting: cordage surrounding the envelope.
Burner: burner.
Basket: pilot and passengers cabin.
Safety line: cable used to open and close the valve.
Rigging: cordage attaching the basket to the envelope net.
Bag: balloon open at the bottom and filled whit hot air.

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EN : Airship
FR : Ballon dirigeable
ES : Dirigible


An airship is a buoyant lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered and propelled through the air. Unlike aerodynamic vehicles such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters which stay aloft by moving an airfoil through the air in order to produce lift, aerostatic craft such as airships and balloons stay aloft by filling a large cavity with lighter than air gas.

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