Motor car (interior)

Motor car (interior)
Motor car (interior): railway vehicle for transporting passengers.
Door: opening in the side wall that provides access to the passenger compartment.
Window: opening in the side wall that lets light in.
Subway map: plan of a transportation system.
Seat handrail: part that passengers can grab to hold themselves in place.
Seat: type of chair that provides seating in the passenger compartment.
Floor: deck of the passenger compartment.
Emergency box: place in which emergency equipment is stored.
Double seat: type of chair in the passenger compartment where two people can sit.
Handrail: vertical bar that standing passengers can grip to hold themselves in place.
Lighting: electric lighting system.

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EN : Rapid transit
FR : Métro
ES : Metro (ferrocarril)


Rapid transits are generally used in metropolitan areas to transport large numbers of people at high frequency. The extent of the rapid transit system varies greatly between cities, and there are multiple transport strategies that can take advantage of a rapid transit system.