Motor car (profile)

Motor car (profile)
Motor car (profile): electric railway, elevated or underground, that serves areas of a city.
Front window: opening in the front wall that lets light in.
Door to conductor's vestibule: opening in the side wall that provides access to the driver's cab.
Passengers' door: opening in the side wall that provides access to the passenger compartment.
Side window: opening the the side wall that lets light in.
Compartment: section.
Signal lights: gauge light.
Current bar: part that slides along the electric circuit.
Open door indicator: signal light that indicates the doors are not closed.
Traction system: towing apparatus.
Wheel: round object that turns around a central axis and allows a vehicle to advance.
Buffer: centre metal piece for reducing shocks.

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EN : Subway train
FR : Rame de métro
ES : Subterráneo


A subway or metro system is a railway, usually in an urban area, with a high capacity and frequency of service, and grade separation from other traffic. In most parts of the world these systems are known as a "metro", in London the system is called the "Underground", while in most of North America and in Glasgow, Scotland it is a "subway".

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