Sailboat (side view)

Sailboat (side view)
Sailboat (side view): boat that travels with the help of a sail.
Masthead: top of the mast.
Backstay: rope holding the mast in place from the rear and side.
Stay: rope holding the mast in place from the front.
Forestay: secondary rope holding the mast in place towards the front.
Gallery: guard rail at the rear of a boat.
Waterline: the level up to which the hull is submerged.
Keel: part that runs the length of centre of bottom of a boat.
Rudder: removable flap on the surface of the rudder.
Rudder head: main part of the rudder.
Boom: large horizontal posed used to spread the sails.
Preventer shroud: rear auxiliary stay.
Lift: rope used to hold the boom.
Mast: cylindrical post that carries the sails.
Navigation lights: light at the top of the mast.

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EN : Amphibian vehicle
FR : Véhicule amphibie
ES : Vehículo anfibio


An amphibious vehicle, is a vehicle or craft, that is a means of transport, viable on land as well as on water, just like an amphibian. This definition applies equally to any land and water transport, small or large, powered or unpowered, ranging from amphibious bicycles, ATVs, cars, buses, trucks, RVs, and military vehicles, all the way to the very largest hovercrafts. Classic landing craft are generally not considered amphibious vehicles, although they are part of amphibious assault. Nor are Ground effect vehicles, such as Ekranoplans.

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