Space shuttle flight sequence

Space shuttle flight sequence
Space shuttle flight sequence: order of the different operations of the flight.
Pre-launch: part of the flight sequence of the space shuttle before launch.
Launching: start of the ascent of the shuttle.
Solid rocket boosters separate: separation of the external solid-rocket boosters.
External tank separates: the external tank detaches from the orbiter.
Orbit around the earth: repeated circling of the planet.
Orbital operation: work to be done while the orbiter is in orbit.
End of mission: all experiments have been completed.
Leaving earth's orbit: the orbiter leaves orbit to return to earth.
Landing: the orbiter sets down on earth.
Space centre: place where missions are prepared.
Rockets parachute into sea: the rocket, emptied of its propellants, falls in ocean before being recovered.

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EN : Space suit
FR : Combinaison spatiale
ES : Traje espacial


A space suit is a complete system of garments, equipment and environmental systems designed to keep a person alive and comfortable in the harsh environment of outer space. This applies to extra-vehicular activity outside spacecraft orbiting Earth.

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