Cadre avant d'une auto

Cadre avant d'une auto
Cadre avant d'une automobile: ensemble des pièces métalliques formant la charpente soutenant les roues avant.
Cadre avant: ossature de la partie antérieure.
Frein: mécanisme utilisé pour ralentir ou arrêter la voiture.
Bras de suspension: segment de l'ensemble assurant une flexibilité à la voiture.
Tampon de caoutchouc: plateau de substance élastique qui absorbe les chocs.

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EN : Bells (ceramic)
FR : Cloche
ES : Campana


A bell is a simple sound-making device. The bell is a percussion instrument and an idiophone. Its form is usually an open-ended hollow drum which resonates upon being struck. The striking implement can be a tongue suspended within the bell, known as a clapper, a small, free sphere enclosed within the body of the bell, or a separate mallet. Bells are usually made of cast metal, but small bells can also be made from ceramic or glass. Bells can be of all sizes: from tiny dress accessories to church bells weighing many tons.