Boat: floating vessel for traveling on water.
Radar: apparatus that detects objects through the use of microwaves.
Pilot house: part of a ship containing the navigation and steering equipment.
Upper deck: upper floor of a ship.
Capstan: winch that can be used to roll up a cable and lift heavy weights.
Hawsehole: opening in the front of a ship for cables and chains.
Anchor: steel or iron hook, attached to the ship by a chain, that holds the ship in place by hooking it to the bottom of a body of water.
Breakwater: part at the front of a boat that cleaves the water.
Bulwark: protective rim of the upper deck.
Flagpole: post used to hoist flags.
Cargo boom: post used to load and unload goods.

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EN : Metro station
FR : Station de Métro
ES : Estación del metro


Metro stations, more so than railway and bus stations, often have a characteristic artistic design that can identify each stop. Some metro station are famous for the beautiful architecture and public art in their metro systems.